Amy Tucker Photography: Blog en-us (C) Amy Tucker Photography (Amy Tucker Photography) Mon, 25 Jul 2016 15:43:00 GMT Mon, 25 Jul 2016 15:43:00 GMT Amy Tucker Photography: Blog 120 80 Malvern Pennsylvania Wedding - The High Point The High Point in Malvern is one of my favorite venues to work with.  The church on the grounds offers great photo opportunity and the venue itself has a nice rustic feel while still being comfortable to guests.  In june I had the chance to visit the High Point again and celebrate with Nicole and David.  I started the day getting ready with Nicole and her bridesmaids at her parents house.  I loved the Morilee Blu gown Nicole chose for her day.  Simple and elegant, it was perfect for her style, and her bridesmaids were a balance to her in Navy dresses from Calvin Klein.   Maxima Hair Design gave Nicole an updo that was a great fit with the shape of her gown.  The St. Norbert's ceremony was the personal and touching for everyone.  Once at The High Point we wrapped up the bridal party photos and I was able to get a peak at what Heather from Cottage Flowers was able to do within the space.  The variety of the centerpieces was stunning within the space, along with personal touches with photos of the couples favorite places on each table.  John Serock catered an amazing cocktail hour and meal for all the guests.  You really can't go wrong with mini cheeseburgers!  After some choreographed dances by the couple and both their parents, Dj Jason Remaly made sure all the guests hit the dance floor with the happy couple.  Thanks to everyone for sharing in another awesome wedding day!  

Additional vendors:  Invitations - , Place cards -, Suit Supply,  Country Bride and Genthttp://www.claires.com

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Loch Nairn Wedding Another day, another Loch Nairn wedding!  Pam and Todd were my first couple in June this year, and the day was awesome.  The weather was amazing, the flowers and decor from Fresh Design Florists were perfect in the space, The cake from The Country Butcher in Kennett Square was elegant and delicious. We started the day with a first look for the couple in one of Loch Nairn's gardens.  Pam chose a Maggie Sottero gown purchased from Bijou Bridal in Ardmore.  The back was absolutely gorgeous and I loved using it as a focal point for many of the photos.  Brooke at Fedora Salon in Manayunk did a stunning up-do to leave the entire lace back exposed.  The ceremony was personal and perfect with classical guitar by Nick Doak accompanying the walk down the aisle.  The festivities continued into the night with Amanda & Ryan from EBE keeping the dance floor packed.   So happy for these two on their new life together! 

Additional vendors: Shoes - Audrey Brooke, Necklace - Vera Wang , Make- up - Make me up Eva, Rings - Benari and Tacori, Transportation - Delaware Express, invitations - Minted , Decor and accessories - Etsy


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Loch Nairn Wedding Jess and Shawn celebrated their wedding day over Memorial Day weekend at Loch Nairn in Avondale.  After a lot of rainy wedding days in May we finally had perfect weather for their I do's.   Jess was gorgeous in he dress from Claire's Bridal Boutique,  with makeup by Mallory Castagana and hair by Jennifer O'Connor.   The whole look was set off by a stunning purple filled bouquet from Meg at SweetPeas Floral Design.  Meg and her team also did an amazing job personalizing the ceremony site and reception decor.  The show stopper was the wedding cake, be Cakes by Kim,  designed to match the head table runner.   After the ceremony and cocktail hour Dj Davey Dave made sure to keep the party going all night.  Thanks to all the people who made this wedding a great one! 


Additional vendors:  Brilliant Earth, Alfred Angelo, Cyberoptix, Del Haven Jewelers, Stonebrook Jewelry, Adria Jewelry, Kathleen Barry Jewelry, Lulu Splendor


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John James Audubon Center Wedding The hectic May weather just barely cooperated for Mike and Elena's wedding on May 1st.  With the gorgeous grounds of The John James Audubon Center at the backdrop, we were able to sneak out between showers and get some great photographs of the day.  Including the owl that they can attend your cocktail hour! Pennypacker Florist made one of my favorite bouquets of the year for this day, and Jeffery A. Miller catered an delicious cocktail hour, dinner, and cake for Elena and Mike's friends and family.   Even mother nature couldn't keep this couple from having a perfect event.  I was thrilled to be a part of this wedding day.  Big thanks to everyone who made it fantastic! 

Statement neckalce: , Hair and Makeup: , DJ: Favors: ,, Officiant:

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Anthony Wayne House Wedding  Last month I was able to celebrate with Annie and Casey's on their wedding day at The Anthony Wayne House .  The weather pulled through at the last minute to make their day stunning.   From the beautiful church ceremony, to the cocktail hour with lawn games, to the personal touches like a Jenga guest book and candy bar, this day was truly theirs.   I am so glad the asked me to share in it and capture all the great moments as they happened. 

Thanks to all the vendors who made this day perfect. 

Florist: Alfred of Philadelphia , hair and makeup: Quinnessential Beauty, Caterer: Jeffery A. Miller, DJ: Schaffer Sound, Transportation: Chics Limo

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William Penn Inn Wedding This year I am lucky to be sharing in the wedding day of a few siblings of my former couples.  Often after a wedding day I don't see my couples again, so it is always fun to catch up with everyone.  To kick of my weddings this year I celebrated with Leah and David at the William Penn Inn.  David is the brother of one of my former brides.  The day was perfect. From the gorgeous flowers, to the stunning lace insert on the back of Leah's dress, to their custom made oversized Jenga board at the reception, every detail fell into place.   Thanks to everyone who made this day awesome! 

Venue/Caterer/Florist/Cake/Decor/:, Dress: Strut Bridal Salon, Shoes: Nina Bridal , Hair/Make-up: Esperanza Salon, Rings:, DJ/photobooth: Platinum DJ, Transportation: Tropiano Shuttle, Favors: Philadelphia Pretzel Factory


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Loch Nairn Wedding Nicole and Carmen were married on one the gorgeous mid-October days we were given this year.  Choosing Loch Nairn Golf Club do say their I do's and celebrate with friends and family.  It is no accident that I am a preferred vendor at Loch Nairn, their grounds are amazing, the food is excellent, and the entire staff is amazing.  From the moment I arrived Nicole was ready to go!  Her hair and make up by La Bella Sposa was perfectly finished.  Her bouquet and centerpieces from Marcus Hook Florist was a mix of fall and rustic to match the venues decor.  The ceremony took place under the large tree on the property and included a guest singing a special song for the couple.  We made use of the gorgeous fall colors for photos after the ceremony, before making our way to the reception.  Once dinner was completed guests enjoyed cake courtesy of Bakers of Buffington and entertainment by Kevin Rhude of Silver Sound

Additional Vendors: La Bella Moda , DuVall's Bus Service, Iacobuccis, Paper and Posh, Doubet's


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Historic Yellow Springs Wedding Shannon and Chris asked me to photograph their wedding day at The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs in October.   It was my first time at the venue and it is a gorgeous space.  Rain may have moved the ceremony indoors, but it didn't stop everyone from enjoying the entire a bit of the outdoors on the wrap around porch.  Shannon's elegant Mori Lee gown was paired perfectly with flawless makeup by Katarina K and stunning flowers from Blue Moon Florist.  Mercer Mill Carpentry  added a custom touch with pedestals for the ceremony and A Perfect Setting was perfect as always with their catering a added decor.  The night ended with all the quest enjoying the dance floor to the sounds of the band  On Time.  Thanks to everyone who made this day so special for Shannon and Chris! 

Masters Baker, Glamorous Bijoux, Hair Trends Salon


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Amanda and Kevin - Northampton Valley Country Club Amid the rainy September days, Amanda and Kevin had a perfect wedding day at The Northampton Valley Country Club.  Florist Domenic Graziano created one of my favorite bouquets this year, full of muted color and an antique look that fit the season and theme perfectly.  And Amanda's hair, don't get me started, it looked stunning all day thanks to Brian Haire (That's his real name...) from Salon Gratitude, and his back pocket of hairspray.  All the details of this day came together flawlessly including the mostly DIY reception decor made by Amanda and her mother.  So happy to have been a part of another amazing wedding day! 

Bridal Jewelry - BHLDN, Make- up - Dylan Michael Cosmetics, Rings - Fishtown Jewelers , Cake - Town Crier , Band - Bachelor Boys Band, Stationary - Minted


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Red Clay Room Wedding - Kennett Square July was hot... but that didn't stop Jen and Brett from celebrating with family and friends at The Red Clay Room in Kennett Square, Pa.  With hair perfectly styled by Rosci Salon Da Spa and Make up expertly applied by Salon Secrets, the girl looked amazing all day long despite the heat.  The Petals in The Park florals for the day were the perfect balance of simple and elegant that Jen wanted for her big day.  After a first look at Longwood Gardens, my favorite local photo spot, we were off to the venue for the rest of the day.  Sprinkled throughout the event were lots of personal touches, from the traditional dollar dance to the interactive centerpieces, it was truly a gorgeous affair.  

Cake: Masters Baker   Shoes: Kelly and Katie  Dress:  Catering: Capozzoli Catering  Dj: Tom Barrett  Transportation: DuVall Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas


373A5327373A5327 373A5342373A5342 373A5360373A5360 373A5367373A5367 373A5415373A5415 373A5492373A5492

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Brantwyn Estate Wedding The endless rain made this day go against all of our photo plans, but would not have changed a thing about.  Janine and Ed said their I do's at The Brantwyn Estate in late June.  The last minute rainy day moved the entire event indoors making for a very intimate ceremony.  Janine was stunning in her gown, complimented perfectly by flowers from Ron Eastburn's Flower Shop and up do by Nicholas Anthony Salon.  Working through these photos it is hard to find one where Janine isn't glowing.  The ceremony was full of laughter and tears as these two exchanged rings (Kent NYC).  Guest then enjoyed dinner and cake courtesy of the DuPont Country Club and hit the rocking dance floor with DJ Todd Frederick from Silver Sound.  

Additional Vendors: Wedding Paper Divas, Delaware express

373A6487373A6487 373A6525373A6525 373A6553373A6553 373A6577373A6577 IMG_7840IMG_7840 373A6588373A6588 373A6635373A6635 373A6651373A6651 373A6660373A6660 373A6663373A6663 373A6671373A6671 373A6685373A6685 373A6676373A6676 373A6687373A6687 373A6720373A6720 373A6788373A6788 373A6775373A6775 373A6823373A6823 373A6865373A6865 373A6960373A6960 373A7222373A7222 373A7186373A7186 373A7295373A7295 373A7157373A7157 373A7324373A7324 373A7226373A7226 373A7254373A7254 373A7173373A7173 373A7014373A7014 373A7110373A7110 373A6893373A6893 373A7353373A7353 373A7364373A7364 373A7380373A7380 373A7386373A7386 373A7617373A7617 373A7518373A7518 373A7411373A7411 373A7594373A7594 373A7639373A7639 373A7666373A7666 373A7704373A7704 373A7736373A7736 373A7737373A7737 373A7776373A7776 373A7759373A7759

IMG_2702IMG_2702 IMG_2767IMG_2767 IMG_2740IMG_2740 373A7786373A7786 373A7834373A7834 373A7893373A7893 373A7885373A7885 373A8066373A8066 373A8336373A8336 IMG_7890IMG_7890 IMG_2885IMG_2885 373A8122373A8122 373A8105373A8105 373A8161373A8161 373A8210373A8210 373A8174373A8174 373A8360373A8360 373A8361373A8361 373A8348373A8348 373A8400373A8400 373A8423373A8423 373A8250373A8250 373A8475373A8475 373A8517373A8517

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Brandywine Manor House Wedding I was thrilled to be the photographer for Laura and William's June wedding at The Brandywine Manor House.  It was my first at this venue and I fell in love.  One part gorgeous lakeside ceremony location, one part vintage rustic house and barn, some fabulous garden area, and a waterfall for good measure.  A family intimate affair of close friends and family, exceptionally catered by Ludwigs Village Market, ( Seriously though, the crab mac and cheese, to die for.)  and finished with the sweetness of wedding cake from Brooklyn Girl Bakery.  The cozy feel for the day was echoed in decor choices from Boutique Textiles by Lauren Rossi and vintage inspired florals from Blue Moon Florist.  Thanks to everyone who made this couples day really shine!

Additional Vendors

Dress: , Hair/Make-up:, Rings: 


373A5347373A5347 373A5274373A5274 373A5304373A5304 IMG_7743IMG_7743 373A5296373A5296 373A5301373A5301 373A5325373A5325 IMG_1759IMG_1759 IMG_1798IMG_1798 IMG_1845IMG_1845 373A5379373A5379 IMG_1898IMG_1898 373A5369373A5369 373A5367373A5367 IMG_1993IMG_1993 IMG_1956IMG_1956 IMG_2017IMG_2017 373A5402373A5402 373A5417373A5417 373A5444373A5444 373A5464373A5464 373A5476373A5476 373A5487373A5487 373A5503373A5503 373A5490373A5490 373A5542-2373A5542-2 373A5559373A5559 373A5553-2373A5553-2 373A5605373A5605 373A5665373A5665 373A5669-2373A5669-2 373A6076373A6076 373A6042373A6042 373A6050373A6050 373A6015373A6015 373A5999-2373A5999-2 373A5982373A5982 373A5975373A5975 373A5946373A5946 373A6092373A6092 373A6150373A6150 373A6254373A6254 IMG_7708IMG_7708 373A5337373A5337 373A5330373A5330 IMG_7645IMG_7645 IMG_7652IMG_7652 373A5342373A5342 IMG_7627IMG_7627 IMG_7630IMG_7630 373A5865373A5865 373A5733373A5733 373A5762373A5762 373A5767373A5767 373A5729373A5729 373A5942373A5942 373A5805373A5805 373A5814-2373A5814-2 373A5828373A5828 373A6179373A6179 373A6187373A6187 IMG_2531IMG_2531 373A6216373A6216 IMG_2589IMG_2589 373A6378373A6378 373A5800373A5800 373A6418373A6418



]]> (Amy Tucker Photography) barn brandywine manor house chester county wedding rustic vintage wedding Mon, 27 Jul 2015 19:36:50 GMT
John James Audubon Center Wedding  

​Today I am sharing a sneak peek from Jill and Cameron's John James Audubon Center wedding.  We began the day with getting ready shots at Jill's parents and the hotel in Audubon.  Jill's dress from David's bridal had pink accents that were the perfect bit of non-traditional for her day.  She added a personal touch with custom ballet flats from Etsy seller BobkaBaby.

373A3385373A3385 373A3390373A3390 373A3403373A3403 373A3419373A3419 IMG_7372IMG_7372 373A3452373A3452 373A3491373A3491 373A3475-2373A3475-2 373A3507-Edit373A3507-Edit 373A3549-2373A3549-2 IMG_9487IMG_9487 IMG_9490IMG_9490 IMG_9515IMG_9515 IMG_9512IMG_9512 Jill and Cameron opted to do a first look and get photos finished prior to their ceremony so that they could enjoy the majority of their cocktail hour on the Museum lawn.   The Center has a great variety of scenic spots to grab photos.  The bouquets were made by Cultivating Joy and were easily my favorites of the year so far. 

IMG_0997IMG_0997 IMG_1005IMG_1005 IMG_1019IMG_1019 IMG_1033IMG_1033 IMG_9601IMG_9601 IMG_9605IMG_9605 IMG_9729-2IMG_9729-2 IMG_1171IMG_1171 373A4211-2373A4211-2 373A4220373A4220 373A4210373A4210 373A4193373A4193 373A4126373A4126 373A3963373A3963 373A3988373A3988 373A4019373A4019 373A3996373A3996 373A3903373A3903 373A3925373A3925 373A4063373A4063 373A4036373A4036 373A3855373A3855 373A3739373A3739 373A3713373A3713 373A3656373A3656 373A3662373A3662 Next it was on to the ceremony in the properties gorgeous and rustic barn.  Again Cultivating Joy did a perfect job transforming the space with flowers.  Jill and Cameron followed the ceremony with a butterfly release! 

IMG_7396IMG_7396 IMG_7389IMG_7389 373A4301373A4301 IMG_1228IMG_1228 IMG_1263IMG_1263 IMG_7407IMG_7407 IMG_1306IMG_1306 IMG_1299IMG_1299 IMG_7409IMG_7409 IMG_1313IMG_1313 IMG_1312IMG_1312 373A4360373A4360 The cocktail hour was casual and Jeffery Miller did an amazing job as usual with all the food.  I especially loved the window frames used as escort card display.

373A4393373A4393 373A4722373A4722 373A4733373A4733 IMG_1477IMG_1477 373A4247373A4247 Once the cocktail hour as over we heading into the open feel ballroom for the reception.  Guests enjoyed dinner, dancing with music from B&B Light and Sound, allergy free cake from Sweet Freedom Bakery, and cupcakes by Weinrich's Bakery.

373A4269373A4269 373A4263373A4263 373A4272373A4272 373A4661373A4661 373A4670373A4670 373A4657373A4657 IMG_1599IMG_1599 IMG_1614IMG_1614 IMG_7451IMG_7451 IMG_7429IMG_7429 IMG_7537IMG_7537 373A4974373A4974 373A4992373A4992 373A5083373A5083 373A5009373A5009 373A5150373A5150 373A4946373A4946 373A4919373A4919 373A5171373A5171 373A5160373A5160 373A5132373A5132 Cheers to the happy couple and another great wedding day with awesome people.  Thanks for having me there to capture the moments! 





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Ridley Creek Mansion Wedding On the blog this holiday weekend, Jenna and Mark's Ridley Creek Mansion Wedding.  Since starting my company 7 years ago Ridley Creek Mansion has been a favorite wedding location.  Not only do they have the most amazing bridal suite ever,  but the newly renovated gardens are a photographing dream.  We started the day in the suite with the girls as they got ready for the ceremony.  I adored Jenna's Ellis of London gown, which she purchased at The Bridal Manor

373A1605373A1605 373A1451373A1451 373A1531373A1531 373A1608373A1608 373A1558373A1558 373A1615373A1615 IMG_9926-2IMG_9926-2 IMG_9921IMG_9921 373A1736373A1736 373A1770373A1770 373A1745373A1745 373A1808373A1808 IMG_9943-Edit-2IMG_9943-Edit-2

Jenna and Mark knew a first look wasn't for them, but we set aside time before the ceremony to get photos with the separate sides of the bridal party.  Everyone looked amazing.  The girls hair and makeup, from Joseph Anthony Salon, was perfect for the hot summer day.  The flowers, by Magnificent Floral Events, went great with the stylish coral J. Crew dresses. 

IMG_9971IMG_9971 373A1926373A1926 373A1881373A1881 373A1846373A1846 373A1832373A1832 373A2216373A2216 373A2171373A2171 373A2147373A2147 373A2141373A2141 373A2044373A2044 373A2026373A2026 Next it was ceremony time!  The large trees that surround the Mansions outdoor ceremony site are perfect to shade and frame the I do's.

373A2327373A2327 IMG_0181IMG_0181 IMG_0239IMG_0239

IMG_0199IMG_0199 IMG_0252IMG_0252 IMG_0262IMG_0262 IMG_0272IMG_0272 IMG_0358IMG_0358 IMG_7318IMG_7318 IMG_0378IMG_0378 IMG_0409IMG_0409 Once the ceremony ended we did portraits with the family, and then made use of the gardens to take the bridal party photos. 

373A2563373A2563 373A2583373A2583 373A2442373A2442 373A2684373A2684 373A2655373A2655 373A2719373A2719 373A2730373A2730 373A2699373A2699 373A2748373A2748 373A2776373A2776 373A2766373A2766 373A2988373A2988 373A3028373A3028 373A2969373A2969 373A2940-2373A2940-2 373A2978373A2978 373A2940373A2940 373A2916373A2916 373A2899373A2899 373A2780373A2780 373A2799373A2799 373A2829373A2829 IMG_0089IMG_0089 Next we all made our way indoors for dinner and dancing.  Sage Catering did an outstanding job, as usual.  The Bredenbeck's Bakery cake wowed everyone.  And Flare Event Group kept guests on the dance floor the entire night. 

IMG_9232IMG_9232 373A2261373A2261 373A2281373A2281 IMG_9290-2IMG_9290-2 IMG_0668IMG_0668 IMG_0769IMG_0769 IMG_0761IMG_0761 IMG_0791IMG_0791 IMG_0832IMG_0832 IMG_0828IMG_0828 373A3294373A3294 373A3203373A3203 373A3194373A3194 373A3377373A3377 373A3097373A3097 Thank you, Jenna and Mark, for inviting me to capture the moments of your day!


Additional vendors:

Philly Trolley Works

Wedding Paper Divas

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

Blue Nile

Kate Spade



]]> (Amy Tucker Photography) Fri, 03 Jul 2015 14:58:12 GMT
Mendenhall Wedding Amanda and Mike exchange their marriage vows at The Mendenhall Inn in late May.  We started the day with getting ready photos at the hotel on the property.  Amanda's hair looked elegant from Dolcissima Salon and Spa. The girls relaxed early on in their custom robes from The Wedding Prep Gals.  Amanda's lace dress, from Claire's fashions in Wilmington, DE, was show stopper. 

373A5226373A5226 373A5266373A5266 373A5255373A5255 373A5331373A5331 373A5278373A5278 373A5397373A5397 373A5404373A5404 373A5409373A5409 With a bit of time before the ceremony we stepped out onto the hotel grounds for bridesmaid photos.  All the flowers from Matlack Florist  were perfect for the spring event.

373A5478373A5478 373A5442373A5442 373A5463373A5463 373A5669373A5669 373A5666373A5666 373A5582373A5582 373A5693373A5693 Next it was time to exchanges I do's in the courtyard. 

IMG_8081IMG_8081 IMG_8130IMG_8130 373A5793373A5793 373A5794373A5794 IMG_8168IMG_8168 IMG_8182IMG_8182 373A5817373A5817 Then it was off for more photos with the bridal party!

373A6006373A6006 373A5908373A5908 373A5879373A5879 373A5934373A5934 373A6017373A6017 373A6108373A6108 373A6130373A6130 373A6152373A6152 373A6067373A6067 373A6095373A6095 373A6119373A6119 373A6157373A6157 The reception was perfect with DJ Daz making sure everyone had a great time dancing the night away.  Masters Baker provided a cake that fit the wedding days theme perfectly. 

373A5744373A5744 373A5750373A5750 IMG_7839IMG_7839 IMG_7791IMG_7791 373A6340373A6340 IMG_8418IMG_8418 373A6380373A6380 373A6354373A6354 373A6361373A6361 IMG_8622IMG_8622 IMG_8646IMG_8646 373A6567373A6567 IMG_8681IMG_8681 IMG_8540IMG_8540 IMG_8693IMG_8693

A perfect day for a perfect couple.  Happy to have been a part of it! 


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Malvern Wedding At The High Point Last month it was my pleasure to share in Elizabeth and Scotts wedding day at The High Point.  We kicked things off at Elizabeths mothers house for getting ready photos.  Her Dress from Sweethearts Bridal Shop was one of my favorites of the year so far.  The lace back was the perfect compliment to her hairstyle by Carolyn at Prestige Salon, and her casual style with comfortable shoes and unique engagement ring by Brilliant Earth.

IMG_6059-Edit-2IMG_6059-Edit-2 IMG_7635IMG_7635 IMG_7645IMG_7645 IMG_7655IMG_7655 IMG_6112IMG_6112

We grabbed a few formal shots before leaving for the church.  The bridesmaids wowed in their coral dresses from Little Borrowed Dress.   After connecting at a designers event in NYC a few years ago I was excited to be working with Heather Potter from Cottage Flowers.  She did an amazing job with the arrangements for this special day.  IMG_6159IMG_6159 373A2237373A2237 373A2184373A2184 373A2175373A2175 After this it was time to head to the church! 

373A2336373A2336 IMG_6175IMG_6175 373A2465373A2465 373A2438373A2438 373A2448373A2448 373A2506373A2506 IMG_6312IMG_6312 Once the ceremony ended we all headed to The High Point for more photos and the party.  The cocktail hour, which included games, had a great casual feel that matched this couples vibe perfectly. 

373A2617373A2617 373A2682373A2682 373A2660373A2660 IMG_6355IMG_6355 IMG_6445IMG_6445 IMG_6394IMG_6394 IMG_6551IMG_6551 373A2767373A2767 IMG_6636IMG_6636 Inside the venue was gorgeously decorated by Cottage Flowers.  The Masters Baker cake was a tree motif with the couples initials etched on it. 

IMG_6619IMG_6619 IMG_6569IMG_6569 IMG_7688IMG_7688 IMG_6616IMG_6616 IMG_7694IMG_7694 Once inside guest enjoyed delicious food from mainline caterer Perfect Setting, as well as music by The Bachelor Boys Band. 

373A2941373A2941 373A2950373A2950 373A3022373A3022 373A3079373A3079 373A3080373A3080

IMG_6672IMG_6672 373A3127373A3127 373A3139373A3139 IMG_6680IMG_6680 373A3168373A3168 IMG_6721IMG_6721 IMG_6726IMG_6726 IMG_6731IMG_6731 373A3199373A3199 373A3193373A3193

Thank you to everyone who made this day so special, and thank you Elizabeth and Scott for letting me capture your moments!

]]> (Amy Tucker Photography) chester county wedding coral cottage flowers mainline wedding malvern wedding the high point wedding games Mon, 08 Jun 2015 17:14:31 GMT
Springfield Country Club Wedding  

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of photographing Kelly and Jimmy's wedding at The Springfield Country Club.  Kelly wowed in her dress complimented with flowers from The Bouquet Shop373A0069373A0069 373A0322373A0322 373A0315373A0315

The ceremony took place on the grounds in a private courtyard.  Then we were off to photograph the bridal party photos around the venue.

373A0408373A0408 373A0819-Edit373A0819-Edit 373A0760-Edit373A0760-Edit 373A0909373A0909 373A0301373A0301 373A0280373A0280 373A0956373A0956 373A1184-Edit373A1184-Edit 373A1078373A1078 373A1058373A1058 373A1023373A1023 373A1164-Edit-Edit373A1164-Edit-Edit 373A1206373A1206 373A1263373A1263

IMG_6891-EditIMG_6891-Edit 373A1245-Edit373A1245-Edit 373A1382-Edit373A1382-Edit

Next the only thing left to do was celebrate the couple!  DJ Bill McKay made sure to get everyone on the dance floor.  And really, what celebration would be complete without a WWE belt? 

373A1504373A1504 373A1509373A1509 373A1517-Edit373A1517-Edit 373A1607373A1607 373A1854373A1854 IMG_7302IMG_7302

Thank you both for letting me capture your day. 

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Salamander-Resort-Wedding On the blog this holiday weekend, some photos from my April wedding in Middleburg, Virginia at The Salamander Resort!  So many thanks to Deborah and Don for letting me capture their gorgeous day. 

0006-20006-2 00150015 00280028 00330033 00580058 00920092 01190119 01270127 01570157 02790279 03040304 04550455 04840484 04710471 05080508 05270527 05410541 05490549 05880588 06090609 06140614 07060706 06940694 07260726 07580758 07730773 08950895 08650865 08640864 08270827

]]> (Amy Tucker Photography) Sat, 23 May 2015 17:42:04 GMT
Alana and Brad-Rivercrest County Club Wedding I had the pleasure of photographing Alana and Brad's wedding day at the end on April.  It was an amazing day at Rivercrest County Club.  Alana stunned in her Pronovias gown from Elizabeth Johns in Ardmore,PA.  She completed the look with estate jewelry and elegant hair by Katya Rodionova from Hairdiculous


IMG_4228IMG_4228 IMG_4343IMG_4343

The couple chose the popular first look options to get their photos underway before guests arrived. 

IMG_4491IMG_4491 IMG_4507IMG_4507

IMG_4516IMG_4516 IMG_5169IMG_5169


The bridal party was amazing to work with.  The men looked great in Vera Wang and the ladies wowed in Amsale gowns from Bijou Bridal in Ardmore, PA. Flowers were provided by Sommerfield Designs in Malvern, PA

IMG_4742IMG_4742 IMG_4682IMG_4682 IMG_4562IMG_4562 IMG_4399IMG_4399



IMG_5036IMG_5036 IMG_4780IMG_4780

Next it was time for the ceremony! 

IMG_5427IMG_5427 IMG_5503IMG_5503 IMG_5536IMG_5536


Right before the reception we ducked out to grab a few more shots in the evening light. I also grabbed some shots of the couples rings featured on their William Arthur invitation from Paperia.  Alanas rings were custom made and Brad's is from David Yurman.

IMG_5310IMG_5310 IMG_5272IMG_5272 IMG_5238IMG_5238 IMG_5220IMG_5220

The only thing left to do was party!  Jim from Synergetic Sound and Lighting keep the guests on their feet all night and Cake Art Studios satisfied the sweet tooth with a gorgeous cake. 

IMG_5159IMG_5159 IMG_5150IMG_5150


IMG_5777IMG_5777 IMG_5803IMG_5803




IMG_5455IMG_5455 IMG_5524IMG_5524





IMG_5539IMG_5539 Thanks to everyone who made this day so special.  Happy to be there to capture the memories! 

]]> (Amy Tucker Photography) Fri, 08 May 2015 18:05:14 GMT
Northampton Valley Country Club Wedding Debra and Jeremy were married in July at the Northampton Valley Country Club.  Debra's flowers by Domenic Graziano were a great compliment to her Sincerity Bridal dress.  Cindy Singer and Dylan Michael Cosmetics and Hair by Meghan made sure that Debra would take Jeremy's breath away.     After starting the day at a local hotel, we headed over to the venue for first look photos. 

IMG_8352 1 IMG_2718 IMG_2798 2

IMG_5544 IMG_8389 IMG_8400 IMG_2859 3 5 4 6 IMG_2882 IMG_8523 IMG_8609 IMG_8674 IMG_8740 After some pre-photos we geared up for their outdoor ceremony on the garden patio. 

7 8 IMG_3181 IMG_3251 9 IMG_3299 Immediately following the ceremony we hit the golf course grounds for some fun photos of the bridal party.  The girls looked stunning in their dresses from Alfred Angelo and the guys gave them a run for the money in their Dante Zeller suits.

IMG_9371 IMG_9327 IMG_9552 10 IMG_9640 IMG_9625 IMG_9671

12 IMG_3475 IMG_9751 IMG_5694 IMG_9785 IMG_9816 From there it was reception time in the Northampton Ballroom. 

IMG_3575 IMG_3580 13 IMG_9873 IMG_0086 IMG_3733 IMG_9766 IMG_9902 IMG_3793 IMG_0189 IMG_0245 IMG_0266 IMG_0321 14 IMG_9808  Thanks for letting us capture your day!  Additional vendors: Town Crier Bakery , Silver Sound DJ Dan Breslin , Advanced Limos , and Monsignor Jim St. James

]]> (Amy Tucker Photography) Fri, 09 Aug 2013 19:38:09 GMT